The Luxe Medical Assistance

The Luxe Medical Assistance services facilitate and organize access to premium healthcare facilities, where highly specialized medical care is available, and the level of comfort is unparalleled. Patients are welcomed in the strictest confidentiality, complete comfort, privacy, and safety. Exclusive partners are chosen very carefully, medical care facilities, hospitals, treatment centers, doctors, registered nurses, and assisting medical staff have the highest-level international credentials. A complete round-the-clock service is provided. Our staff and partners communicate with our patients in their mother tongue, respecting their cultural sensitivity and meeting their most demanding expectations, thus ensuring that our patient experience is outstanding. Our service extends beyond the duration of the treatment, as we follow up with every patient after they return home in order to ensure that our guests are satisfied and that the medical treatment has improved their lives. Our services fields include Orthopedics, cancer treatment, heart procedures, transplants, dental treatment bariatric surgery, Alternative Medicine, Stem Cell Treatment, cosmetic surgery, infertility treatment, Rehabilitation & Geriatric care, and Wellness and Spa treatment. Thanks to our successful treatment methods and our internationally recognized first class physicians we have an international reputation attracting many patients from overseas due to exclusivity and top-class medical services. We provide you with single rooms with smart furnishings and hotel-like services. In our private patient clinic, patients will receive exclusive first rate services. The service brought to you by experienced doctors of international repute will encompass luxury accommodation comparable to the standard in respectable high-class hotels.